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July 9, 2013
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NOTE: Manilla is shut down as of July 1, 2014

By Sarah Kaufman, the editor-in-chief of the Manilla Blog. is the leading, free and secure service that helps consumers simplify and organize their daily lives. Using just one password, customers can manage their finances, utilities, daily deals, travel and rewards programs, magazine and newspaper subscriptions, Netflix queues, OpenTable reservations, and more — all through or the top-rated iOS and Android mobile apps.


  • If you’re interested in opening a Manilla Account, you can sign up here.

Manilla is a company that was started and is backed by Hearst Corporation. Manilla is the recipient of the Webby Award and People’s Voice Award for Best Banking/Bill Pay Service, was chosen as ABC News’ App of the Week, and was named one of Top 100 Websites.

Consumer Benefits

Everything In One Place to Streamline Account Management.

With one-password access, Manilla provides customers with one clean dashboard to manage their lives, making account management easier, more efficient and more convenient. Manilla supports more than 3,500 businesses and, with its Custom Accounts feature, Manilla allows customers to add personal accounts that may not be available online, such as a dog walker, babysitter, drycleaner, gym membership, and more.

Free and Unlimited Document Storage To Reduce Paper Clutter.

Manilla provides unlimited online document storage forever, for free, which means customers can access all of their bills and statements whenever they need them. Customers can view, download and print their bills and statements if they need hard-copy access to their important documents.

Automatic Bill Reminders To Help Avoid Late Fees.

With Manilla, customers can get automated email and text bill pay reminders whenever a bill due date is approaching, when a subscription or daily deal is about to expire, or when travel points and miles are quickly reaching their expiration date. Customers can choose if they want to receive their reminders via text or email (or both), and they can get them up to one, three or seven days before the bill is due. They can also be alerted when the bill is overdue.

Mobile Apps for the On-the-Go Manilla User.

For the consumer who prefers to manage their bills and accounts from anywhere, Manilla has 4+ star-rated mobile apps for iOS and Android that allow for easy account management right from a smartphone.

Manilla’s B2B Platform

While Manilla offers an easy-to-use, streamlined account management experience for consumers, it also provides business-driving opportunities for its partners.

Reduces Costs with Paperless Adoption.

Companies spend an average of 75 cents for every piece of mail they send to their customers. This adds up to huge monthly costs and often a lot of wasted resources. Manilla solves this problem by opting its customers out of receiving paper mail for partner accounts. When a customer signs up for Manilla and links a partner account, the customer is opting to go paperless with that particular account. That helps lower costs for the partner, who no longer has to send that customer paper bills and statements.

Drives Upsell and Cross-Sell Opportunities in a Closed Environment.

Manilla provides partners with the opportunity to advertise to their customers in an ad space that’s completely closed from their competitors, helping to drive traffic to the partner site and increase customer engagement. It helps partners more deeply connect and engage with their customers.

In fact, a recent Manilla survey found that nearly half of Manilla customers reported an increased satisfaction with a financial services provider since adding it to Manilla. The survey also showed:

  • Nearly 40 percent reported that they visit their financial sites more frequently
  • 36 percent visit a travel account site more frequently
  • Almost 20 percent visited a Telco account site more frequently
  • More than 20 percent of consumers download partner mobile apps after engaging in Manilla’s mobile app

How Manilla Differs from Others in the Financial Management Category

Although there are some companies that offer services similar to those of Manilla, Manilla is the leader in the digital account movement and in simplifying and organizing people’s lives. With access to more than 3,500 business providers in all categories — bank accounts, credit cards, utilities, daily deals, OpenTable reservations, travel programs, rewards accounts, magazine and newspaper subscriptions, Netflix accounts, and more — and the option to manually create and manage their own Custom Accounts, consumers who use Manilla truly have everything in their lives, simplified and organized in one free, secure place.

While Manilla helps improve financial management and bill organization, it’s really a life management tool, allowing consumers to have access to all of their bills and household accounts.

Manilla’s Expert Advice and Promotions

The Manilla Blog.

The Manilla Blog offers a wealth of information on money, organization, productivity and lifestyle topics, ranging from family to green living to health and fitness and more. We have dozens of contributors or are experts in their fields and dedicated to helping people save money, manage their time more efficiently, learn how to organize their home, and more.

The Manilla Get It Together Challenge.

When you vow to get your finances and life organized, you’ll automatically be entered to win $2,500 in cash.

The Hearst Magazine Subscription Program.

When you sign up for Manilla and link three accounts, you automatically get up to three Hearst magazines at up to 97% off. These magazines include Marie Claire, Cosmo, Esquire, Woman’s Day, Good Housekeeping, Country Living, Elle and more.