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Do I Need to Pay a Lawyer to Write My Will?

Estate Planning, Investing
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Hi Anisha,

I’m a single mom and need to create a will.  The choices are daunting – online services or in office legal consulting.  How do you recommend starting and how much do think it will cost?



Hi J,

Most people don’t need an attorney to draft up a will, since appointing a guardian and naming beneficiaries is pretty straightforward.

I recommend using an online service. A few options:

  • RocketLawyer lets you create one legal document for free, but is pretty bare-bones.
  • Nolo’s online will costs $34.99, but its online will FAQ page is pretty comprehensive and worth checking out.
  • LegacyWriter has a free online system, and while it’s not pretty to look at, it gets the job done.

As a side note, you also don’t need to notarize the will. You do have to sign and date it, and some states require that at least two witnesses sign as well, but you don’t need to pay for the service.