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The Best Investing Blogs: Making Investment Management a Lot More Exciting

Sept. 12, 2012
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by Susan Lyon

Let’s face it: there aren’t very many blogs about investing that don’t bore our socks off. Mutual fund this, treasury bond that – there may be a lot of blogs out there in the world, but when it comes to investing your money wisely while having fun along the way, the findings are sparse. “Fun?” you may find yourself wondering, “what’s fun about that?”

So that’s why when we do see a blog we like, we take note and celebrate accordingly! Here we’ve combed the investing blogosphere top to bottom to take away these top blogs by category based on their wisdom, relevance and levity.  Read on for the winners…

The Best Investing Blogger Awards: Winners by Category

Why do we have categories? As any investment advisor will tell you, your investment strategy should depend a lot on your age. Younger people can bear more risk and volatility in the markets in hopes of higher average returns over the course of their lifetimes by the time they retire. If you’re near retirement, on the other hand, you’ve got to protect your savings and be pretty risk averse to make sure you safeguard your nest egg so it will last you through retirement.

To this end, we’ve selected the top investing blogs for ‘best of’ awards by key categories based on both helpful information, organization and accessibility, and finally ‘readability.’  Here at NerdWallet we like to keep it smart, simple and fun, or otherwise aspiring investors won’t make it very far into the murky world that is investing.

  • For college student investors: The College Investor
  • For women investors: Girls Just Wanna Have Funds
  • For investors looking to improve: The Better Investor Blog
  • For novice investors: Planning Money Seeds
  • For stock tips and asset allocation advice: Investor Junkie

The Faces of Finance: “Why I Wake Up in the Morning and Blog”

Here’s more on how the winners stack up – and we’ve interviewed each blogger to find out what inspires them the most about investor education. Read on to hear what inspires our investing blogger award winners to wake up and write every day – who knows, maybe it’ll inspire you too.

Happy reading!

Youth and Student Education Winner: The College Investor

  • Who we are:

The College Investor began in 2009 when a recent graduate decided there was a need to encourage college students to pursue investments and keep each other informed on the latest and greatest personal finance ideas out there.

  • Why we wake up in the morning and blog:

“I get up every morning and write because I want to help people avoid some of the mistakes I made, and enlighten them as to the ‘whys’ of money decisions.  It is too easy to say, ‘Well, I did this because Suze Orman or Dave Ramsay said too.’  That doesn’t cut it with me; smart consumers need to know they whys so they can apply these insights to other personal finance choices.  My mission is to teach new investors – college students and recent grads – how to get started in the stock market, and all the working parts that go into it.  For example, how to maximize your job benefits to be able to invest more, or leverage your 401k.  Hopefully these tools can help the next generation of investors!” –Robert Farrington.

Female Investors Winner: Girls Just Wanna Have Funds

  • Who we are:

Breaking Financial Ceilings One Stiletto At A Time!

  • Why we wake up in the morning and blog:

“Women learning how to create financial freedom and independence is incredibly important to me.  This is why I wake up in the morning and blog.  As women, we are forced to take detours from our careers to raise children and care for ailing parents.  This usually means letting someone else manage our money or being clueless around how to make and manage it.  I want women to walk away knowing how to create wealth while understanding how to make the right decisions about their finances as it impacts every facet of their lives.  My mission is to create actionable content that readers can utilize to put a plan in place instantly.  You won’t find lipstick chatter here about the finer points of investing.  However, you’ll find information that allows readers to break the information down in a way that makes it easy to understand while covering the essential points.” –Ginger, Girls Just Wanna Have Funds.”

 Improving Your Investing Skills Winner: The Better Investor Blog

  • Who we are:

The Better Investor blog by Jempstep provides unbiased investment education and guidance to help you make the best investment decisions.

  • Why we wake up in the morning and blog:

“Investing is complicated. It is hard to know what to do or whom you can trust. And most people are unclear whether they’re doing the right things with their money. Our vision is to give all investors unbiased and easy to understand investment education and guidance to help them make better decisions to achieve their financial goals.” –Kim Cooper.

New Investors Winner: Planting Money Seeds

  • Who we are:

Planting Money Seeds helps you grow your money tree through improving your personal finance and investing, as well as freelancing and home business.

  • Why we wake up in the morning and blog:

“I wake up and blog in the morning for two reasons: One, it’s my job to provide interesting and helpful content to readers; and two, I really do want to help others. My philosophy is that one of the best ways to build wealth over time is to invest. I want to share practical and actionable information with readers. This is information that they can use to make better decisions now and in the future in order to build wealth through investing. I want to help readers learn how to put their money to work on their behalf using simple techniques that almost anyone can benefit from.” –Miranda Marquit.

Stock Research and Advice Winner: Investor Junkie

  • Who we are:

While we might discuss investing and stocks, we’re referring to a much broader term. We consider investing as money you set aside so you have more at the end. This includes alternative investments.

  • Why we wake up in the morning and blog:

“When I first created the site, it was more self-serving: to improve my own skills. After working on the site for a few years, I realized that many need help with their own finances and it would be best to become a resource for others.  Lack of financial education is a big problem and my goal is to help others become better investors.” -Larry Ludwig.

Are there other categories out there?  Of course – and they all overlap at times.  These are our top picks right now because they focus on some of the most important groups of people who should be brushing up on investing know-how.

Upcoming Contests:

Is your blog not featured but you think it should take the prize in a new or improved category?  We still have to tackle retirement planning, stock tips for day traders, and all sorts of other investing fun.  Send a note to [email protected] and we’ll take a look at your blog.


Susan Lyon is a financial analyst for NerdWallet Investing, a financial literacy website that helps investors select better mutual funds for their 401(k) plans, find online brokerages to buy options, and make smarter investment decisions overall.