Planning a Vacation

Money moves to help make the most of your trip

Travel doesn’t have to be a luxury. You can plan a family trip on a budget, then use rewards and savings strategies to make it a reality. Our experts have tips on building a vacation fund, getting the best deals on flights, the best credit cards for travel rewards and more. Click on a link below to start planning your next journey.

Saving for a Vacation

How to Save for a Vacation

How to Save for a Vacation

Set aside money to make your dream trip a reality

Set a Vacation Budget

Keep spending in line while you travel

Family Trips That Don’t Break the Bank

Entertain your family without spending a fortune

How to Plan a Last-Minute Family Trip

It’s not too late to plan a summer getaway that’s within your budget

Flights, Hotels and Rental Cars

Smart Ways to Travel Cheaply

Smart Ways to Travel Cheaply

Create a memorable trip, without a memorable price

The Cheapest Way to Rent a Car

Nine ways to cut your rental car costs

5 Tips to Find a Cheap Flight

Try these money-saving tips

7 Ways to Find Cheap Hotel Rooms

Don’t blow your budget on lodging

How I Use AmEx Premier Rewards Gold: Travel

Steer Clear of These Booking Flubs

Five costly mistakes to avoid

Before Your Trip: Smart Money Moves

5 Things to Do Before Traveling Overseas With Your Credit Card

Traveling Abroad With a Credit Card

Five steps to take before using your plastic overseas

Cell Phone Options When Traveling Overseas

Don’t pay costly roaming charges

Credit card 2% cash back

Where to Exchange Currency Without Paying Huge Fees

Get the best deal for your dollars

Chase ATM Network Review

Foreign ATM and Debit Card Fees by Bank

Find out what your bank charges before traveling overseas

During Your Trip: Smart Money Moves

I’m Going on Vacation — Should I Use My Credit Card for Purchases or Stick to Cash?

Cash or Credit? What to Use While You’re on Vacation

The pros and cons of using cash versus credit

What to Do if You Lose Your Debit Card Overseas

Save your trip from getting derailed by a lost card

Protect Your Identity While on Vacation

Seven ways to secure your personal information

As International Travel Takes Off, Credit Card Issuers Ground Foreign Transaction Fees

Dealing with an Overseas Robbery

Tips to protect yourself against theft, plus what to do if it happens

Travel Rewards

7 Ways Your Credit Card Could Save You Money on Holiday Travel

7 Ways Your Credit Card Could Save
You Money on Holiday Travel

Card perks can cut down your travel expenses

Earn Travel Rewards on Airbnb Stays

Get perks for paying with plastic

3 Reasons to Get a Cash-Back Card for Your Next Trip

Plus one big reason not to get one

How to Choose a Travel Credit Card

How to Choose a Travel Credit Card

Find a travel credit card that best suits your lifestyle

How to a Sign-up Bonus Can Make Vacation Affordable

Redeem a bonus to cut travel costs

Credit Cards for Travel

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