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Best of Indie Spotlight: Gifts Teens Will Love

Dec. 21, 2012
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To find a good gift for a teenage boy or girl can seem a real challenge. You know already that even the best socks or a wonderful sweater can be understood rather as a punishment than something to be happy with. But what can bring them joy? What you consider cool for them can be just plain dorky. To make the matters worse teens are often secretive and it’s not easy to find out what they want. Their tastes change almost every season and it’s hard to keep up with their newest interests. But you don’t have to give up and settle for a gift card. Here is a bunch of suggestions that can help you to make them smile. We all know that they are very sensitive to what other people think and at the same time they want to be different. The best gifts will help them to express their individuality and show that they know what’s in. The uniqness of these handmade gifts is something that every teen will surely appreciate.

Eco Friendly Gift Set
By Aquarian Bath

Here is a special gift for the eco-conscious teen that doesn’t like big corporations and the harsh chemicals present in their products. This set of soap, shampoo bar and lip balm are made of natural ingredients and free of dyes or GMO. You can choose from many options for soap and shampoo bars including ones for the sensitive skin. 100% Olive Oil, pure soap is helpful for acne prone or sensitive skin.

The Perks of Being Wallflower Pendant
By sparklelab

A perfect gift for a bookworm. At Sparklelab, you can find also smart pendants with rock bands, cult movies or even cartoon characters. It will help your teen to show her refined taste and at the same time add some fun to the outfit. It comes with the bronze finish chain and can be customized with your teen’s favorite movie, book or band.


Jewelry Organizer
By HedcraftFineArt

This excellent jewelry organizer will let your young fashionista to proudly display her treasures. This Jewelry Organizer from HedcraftFineArt helps to avoid tangled mess and saves time while preparing to go to school or a cool party. You can choose the color of the background to fit the decoration in her room. Funny leopard or zebra prints are also available.

Messenger Bag
The Medium Control

Ideal gift for a sophisticated youth. This canvas messenger bag will fit any ensemble and can hold even 17” laptop along with many important things. The inspirational quote will be accepted by anyone who likes to be engaged in meaningful causes. The bag features pen holder and three roomy compartments. If your kid has already his favorite bag take a look at other cool accessories and art from The Medium Control.

Fabric Vegan Wallet
By MegExpressions

It’s so adorable with its cheerful patchwork pattern and also very practical! Now your teen will have all her small things in order: tickets, library card, cash and more. It has also a small pouch for change and closes with magnetic snap. In case she has alredy her favorite wallet, Meg Expressions offers also pretty purses and totes adorned with ruffles or iPhone and iPad sleeves.  

 Mineral Make-up Gift Set
By Beneficial Minerals Co

You may believe that she doesn’t need any make-up, but she surely doesn’t think so. Let her experiment with something pure and safe for the delicate, often acne-prone skin. Natural mineral make-up set contains foundation, finishing powder, blush/bronzer, three eye shadows, special brush and application instructions. You can choose shades that will perfectly fit her skin tone and color of her eyes. Beneficial Minerals Co products are free of synthetic dyes, parabens or fillers and are perfect for any type of skin.

Arm Warmers
By Seamstress by the Sea

She can frown at the pair of regular gloves but you will not have to convince her to wear these. Warm, comfortable and irresistibly cute, they leave her fingers free to all important texting or getting the newest update from her friends. Seamstress by the Sea offers lovely arm warmers in many patterns made from machine washable cotton.

 Vintage Rose and Lace Journal/Notebook Set
My Kind of Beautiful

One of the important part of adolescence is to have some little secrets. Show that you understand the need to have a special diary with this gorgeous journal set that deserves the most precious thoughts. You can’t get something so delightful in any regular store. It’s adorned with little pink hydrangeas, lace and crystals, and the paper inside is lined. There are more exquisite patterns available in the My Kind of Beautiful store.

My Dragon Ate Your Sparkly Vampire Novelty T-shirt
Rogue Attire

Although it always seems risky to buy clothes for someone else especially for a teenager, a T-shirt from Rogue Attire is a sure hit. You can choose one of the witty slogans that are printed on high quality cotton and they will become favorite part of your young rogue wardrobe especially if he or she likes video games and computers.

Personalized Phone Cover
Case Hive

What is better to accentuate your budding individuality than personalized phone cover? Made of hard shell plastic, it fits iPhone 3 and 4 or Samsung Galaxy. At Case Hive, you can choose among tons of designs that can be also personalized with your teen initials. This one is meant for lovers of good java but you can find also one suitable for a boy.

Hopefully with these simple ideas, your shopping for a gift for your teen will become a tad easier. In any case, remember that your effort to understand him or her and try to meet their needs is never wasted. Even if they will not show it, they will cherish your thoughtful gifts, because they are signs of your love and care.

Written by Alicja Buchman, a freelance writer and contributor to NerdWallet Shopping.