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5 Stores With Strict Price-Matching Policies

Dec. 31, 2015
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5 Stores With Strict Price-Matching Policies
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Buyers love price matching, but not all price matching is created equally.

Some stores have more-limited price-matching policies than others, some place surprising restrictions on which items are eligible for price matching, and other stores will not even price match to the deals you see on their company website.

It’s important to note that stores that offer price matching are already a step ahead, but the ones listed below have certain significant flaws that place them below the retail industry standard.


For all of the grief that Amazon causes retailers that match its low prices, Amazon does not generally match prices itself. There are a couple of exceptions, however: TVs and “cell phones with select other retailers,” which does not sound very universal.

See the Amazon price-matching policy.


Kohl’s offers price matching, but will not even match its own prices. How is that possible? Kohl’s bricks-and-mortar stores will not match prices on In fact, Kohl’s won’t match any Internet prices on any website. Kohl’s will match prices only on competitors’ in-store prices.

See the Kohl’s price-matching policy.

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There are a few holes in Sears’ price-matching policy compared with the industry norm. Most notably, Sears will not match Internet-only retailers’ prices, so you cannot price match with Amazon or Newegg, for instance. Sears honors price matches only on the day of your purchase, with no reimbursement period afterward. Sears will price match membership clubs like Sam’s Club or Costco, but only if you can produce your membership card to that club and show that you’re a current member.

See the Sears price-matching policy.

Toys R Us

Toys R Us has a fairly good price-matching policy, with one frustrating exception: Price matching is offered only in Toys R Us bricks-and-mortar stores, not on Also, Toys R Us will price match with only 12 select retailers’ websites, including Amazon, and But Toys R Us does deserve acknowledgement for extending its price matching for seven days after your purchase.

See the Toys R Us price-matching policy.

Best Buy

Best Buy does offer price matching, but with a limited number of competing retailers and with a fairly confusing set of rules. Best Buy will price match with Amazon, so that’s a big one, but it won’t always price match with other major competitors’ websites like or You can price match at Best Buy with Wal-Mart, Target and other stores, but only if that store has a retail location within 25 miles. Confused? Best Buy price match policies, which are lengthy, can be found below.

See the Best Buy price-matching policy.

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