Allpoint ATMs Near Me: How to Find Them

The Allpoint network offers more than 55,000 automated teller machines (ATMs) to consumers throughout the U.S.
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Allpoint is one of several major automated teller machine (ATM) networks that operate throughout the U.S.

Banks might choose to work with ATM networks such as Allpoint that have a pre-existing infrastructure that helps customers withdraw cash and doesn’t require banks to set up their own networks.

What is an Allpoint ATM?

An Allpoint ATM belongs to the Allpoint ATM network of more than 55,000 machines located throughout the U.S. Banks that don’t have their own ATM networks often use the Allpoint network to give their customers the ability to withdraw cash without paying a fee. Allpoint now has Allpoint+ deposit-enabled ATMs in retail locations, which allow customers to deposit cash into their accounts. Allpoint ATMs will typically have the network’s logo on the machine.

Where can I find an Allpoint ATM near me?

The Allpoint website has an ATM locator tool that customers can use to find the Allpoint ATMs in their area. Customers can also download the Allpoint mobile app, which uses a geolocator to help find the nearest Allpoint ATMs.

What stores have Allpoint ATMs?

Some of the biggest retailers that offer Allpoint ATMs include Target, CVS and Walgreens, as well as Circle K and Speedway convenience stores. There are plenty of other stores, too, so the easiest way to find an Allpoint ATM is to use the locator on Allpoint’s website.

What is the Allpoint ATM withdrawal limit?

According to Allpoint, your card provider sets a daily ATM withdrawal amount limit. Each Allpoint ATM will have a different withdrawal limit per transaction, and Allpoint doesn’t set a limit for how many withdrawals can be done in a day.

Is my bank part of the Allpoint network?

Banks will usually put their ATM information on their websites, including the number of fee-free ATMs customers can use, where the ATMs are located and which networks the ATMs belong to. If your bank doesn’t belong to the Allpoint network, it should tell you how to find other fee-free ATMs that are in-network for the bank. Some banks, instead of offering a fee-free ATM network, offer unlimited ATM fee reimbursements to customers.

Major financial institutions that use the Allpoint network

A number of major banks and neobanks are part of the Allpoint network. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but the following financial institutions allow their customers to use the Allpoint network without fees.

Neobanks can be solid options for consumers who prefer online-only banking. Funds deposited in these accounts are usually federally insured through partner banks, which will also typically receive customers’ money if a neobank closes, so customer funds are safe. (Learn about what can happen if a neobank closes.) Neobank accounts often have low monthly fees and earn strong rates. However, they may also lack traditional banking features, including in-person customer service and access to personal or cashier’s checks (often required for large purchases, such as buying a home) or wire transfers. Consider these details before opening an account.

Chime says: “Chime is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by The Bancorp Bank, N.A. or Stride Bank, N.A., Members FDIC.”

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