How to Make FAFSA Corrections and Updates

You can update the FAFSA before the June 30 deadline of the year you need aid for.
Anna Helhoski
By Anna Helhoski 
Edited by Des Toups
How to Make FAFSA Corrections and Updates

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When can I update my FAFSA application? The redesigned FAFSA for the 2024-25 academic year is available at Due to major processing delays, you won't be able to make changes to your submitted FAFSA until the first half of April, at the soonest.

You can still submit the 2023-24 FAFSA until June 30, 2024.

You can make corrections or updates to the information you provided on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, even after it is processed. Here’s how:

  1. Go to and log in using your FSA ID.

  2. Select “Make FAFSA Corrections” once you’re redirected to the “My FAFSA” page.

  3. Create a save key, change your information and then submit.

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Make updates if:

  • You need more financial aid.

  • To correct a mistake.

  • To add or delete a school.

You need more financial aid

The FAFSA is key to accessing financial aid such as Pell grants, work-study programs and federal student loans. If the financial aid award letter you received isn’t what you expected or your family’s financial situation has changed, update the FAFSA to reflect it. Making these changes can help you get more financial aid.

In addition to updating the FAFSA, contact your financial aid office to inquire about submitting a financial aid appeal letter.

Correct a mistake or add new information

If you made a mistake on the form — for example, leaving a question blank — you can correct it. There are also a few instances where you need to update your information:

  • If you used the wrong Social Security number. The federal student aid office recommends you submit a new online FAFSA, which will change the date your FAFSA was processed. If you’ve passed your school’s priority deadline, ask the financial aid office at a school that received your FAFSA information to change your number for you. The schools will be listed on your Student Aid Report (or FAFSA Submission Summary beginning with the 2024-24 FAFSA)

  • Any changes to your dependency status (if you are expecting a child, for example) except a change in your marital status. Contact your school about what to do if your marital status changes.

If you are selected for FAFSA verification, you must update your form if there is a change in the number of family members in your or your parents’ household or if there is a change in the number of people from your household in college.

It’s also a good idea to update the FAFSA if you have a new mailing address, email address or other change in contact information.

Add a new school or delete one

When you submit the FAFSA, you can list 10 schools at a time. For the 2024-25 FAFSA, this number will increase to 20.

If you want to add different institutions, you can replace schools with new ones after you submit the FAFSA. Remember that schools you have removed from the application won’t receive any information about further updates to your FAFSA.

Use the Federal School Codes list to locate the codes of the colleges and universities you want to include on your FAFSA.

When to make changes to the FAFSA form

You can make updates to the FAFSA up to the deadline — that’s June 30 of the year you need aid for. For 2023-24, all changes to the FAFSA must be completed by June 30, 2024.

You can make updates online, or you can write in corrections or updates on your paper Student Aid Report, the form you received after completing the FAFSA that lists your expected family contribution. Starting on the 2024-25 FAFSA, the Student Aid Index or SAI will replace the EFC.

If you run into difficulty, contact your financial aid office, which may be able to make changes for you.

How to update tax information on the FAFSA

If you pulled your tax information from the prior-prior year, you’ll need to update after you file. Within “My FAFSA,” navigate to the “Financial Information” section. Change your answer from “Will file” to “Already completed.”

You’ll receive a set of steps to complete. If you’re eligible to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (Direct Data Exchange on the 2024-25 FAFSA and beyond), you’ll see a “Link to IRS” button. Otherwise, you’ll need to manually enter the data from your completed tax return.

Make sure to enter all information to match your tax return. Starting with the 2024-25 FAFSA, all contributors must approve the use of their manually entered federal tax information before the application can be considered.

If you are eligible to Link to IRS, you’ll need to log in with the IRS to retrieve your information. Once you check off the box to “Transfer My Tax Information into the FAFSA,” click “Transfer Now” to complete the transfer.

Once you’re back in the FAFSA, make sure the information was transferred properly, but don’t make any changes to what appears. Then you can sign and resubmit your FAFSA.

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