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Discover Miles Travel Rewards Cards Now Offering Lower APRs

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Starting this month, the Discover Miles and Discover Escape cards are offering lower purchase APRs of 10.99%15.99%. These two cards are already some of the best travel rewards cards that we track, and now this lower APR, when combined with their introductory 0% APRs for 6 months, makes them contenders in the low interest credit card ring as well.

In fact, 10.99% puts them within spitting distance of the PenFed Promise and the NavyFed Flagship Rewards (both 9.99% as of writing), which are tough cards for civilians to get their hands on. If other major credit card issuers follow suit and lower their APRs as aggressively as Discover has, then Credit Unions all over America are going to have some stiff competition.