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NerdWallet launches search tool for credit union credit cards

May 23, 2011
Credit Cards
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We are proud to officially launch our credit union credit card search tool today. NerdWallet already allows you to sort over 500 bank issued credit cards, based on your spending habits. This launch adds another 1,200 credit cards to the mix.

More choices means better search results. Bank credit cards only represent a small subset of credit card offerings nationwide. There are over 7,000 credit unions in the United States, and many offer unparalleled low interest credit cards.

Because credit unions are non-profits, they tend to offer lower interest rates and lower fees. However, up until now, it has been very difficult to figure out which credit unions you can join. Furthermore, it’s even harder to figure out how that group of credit unions stacks up against banks.

Credit Cards: Credit Unions Versus Banks

Credit Unions, Average Banks, Average Credit Union Difference
Cards Listed by NerdWallet 1,232 526
Annual Fee $3 $23 -$20
Interest Rate for Good Credit* 14.4% 17.1% -2.7%
Cash Advance APR for Good Credit* 14.7% 22.9% -8.2%
Cash Advance Fee 1.6% 3.8% -2.2%
Foreign Transaction Fee 1.6% 2.6% -1.0%
Late Payment Fee $25 $34 -$9

*NerdWallet estimates, based on several proprietary data sources

For the latest stats, see our credit union versus bank comparison page.

NerdWallet now lets you simultaneously search credit union and bank credit cards. Simply enter your zip code and/or employer and military affiliation as a search parameter, and credit union results will appear alongside other credit cards. To make your life easier, we only include credit unions that you’ll qualify for based on where you live or work, as well as credit unions that anyone can join.

While we still have a long way to go, we now list around 400 of the largest credit unions in America, and that number grows everyday.

Credit Unions: If your credit union deserves to be listed expeditiously due to great rates and terms, drop us a line at [email protected]. It’s free if we like what you’re offering! We now receive over 1 million visitors a year, and that number continues to grow rapidly, because we offer awesome consumer focused features, like this one, to benefit our readers.