Costs of Home Improvement by Project

Learn what popular home improvement projects cost, how they affect your home's value and the smart choices that will help you save.

Improving your home is a smart way to increase home value while creating a more comfortable, functional living space.

To help you build, remodel and repair with confidence, we researched popular home improvement projects to find out what they cost and ways you can save.

In each article linked below, you’ll learn factors that impact project cost, ways to keep those costs under control and what you can realistically expect in terms of increased home value when the project’s done.

For help in figuring out how to pay for the work, plug your numbers into our home improvement financing calculator to learn which financing method is best. And see our list of the best lenders for home improvement loans.

Interior home improvement projects

Exterior home improvement projects

Other home improvement resources

DIY or hire a pro: Yes, professionals are pricey, but so are home renovation mistakes. While doing it yourself may be cheaper, quality contractors have the experience, insurance and warranties you don’t. The peace of mind professionals provide may be worth the added cost.

Use a renovation loan. Whether you’re buying a fixer-upper or improving your current home, the FHA 203(k), HomeStyle and CHOICERenovation loans may be more affordable than other financing options.

Tap your home’s equity: If you can’t pay for improvements with cash, you may be able to finance them by using your home’s equity. Plug in your address into our our home value estimator to see how much your house is worth and compare it your mortgage balance. If you have at least 20% equity, use our home equity loan calculator to see how much of it you might be able to borrow.

Consider personal loans and credit cards: If equity-based loans aren’t an option, especially when you need to make emergency repairs, consider personal loans or a credit card.

Watch your home value grow

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