Dave App 2024 Review: Cash Advances

Dave’s ExtraCash advance may require more effort — and expense — than it’s worth. The app requires users to open a checking account, pay a membership fee and take extra steps to get an advance.
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Last updated on December 19, 2023
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Our Take


NerdWallet rating
The Nerdy headline:

Dave’s advances are larger than some competitors, but fees to get your funds same-day are higher. You may have cheaper and faster options.

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Loan amount
$0 - $500
Min. credit score
on NerdWallet


  • Advances up to $500.
  • Tries not to overdraw accounts.
  • Caps tips at 25% of advance.
  • Allows users to extend repayment date.


  • Potentially high fees for same-day funding.
  • Mandatory $1 monthly subscription fee.
  • Users must have a Dave checking account.
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Full Review

The Dave app’s ExtraCash feature provides users an advance on their paycheck to cover small emergencies, like a car repair or broken appliance, or to bridge an income gap. Unlike some of its competitors, Dave provides advances to part-time or temporary workers who don’t receive regular paychecks.

Though users can get advances up to $500 — larger than some competitors’ offerings — Dave’s fast funding fees can be high compared to other apps. Users must also open a checking account with Dave in order to use ExtraCash. Compare Dave to other cash advance apps, and consider alternatives before you borrow.

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Table of contents

Dave app advance amounts, fees and repayment terms

Advance amounts

Up to $500.


  • Subscription fee: $1 per month.

  • Optional fast-funding fee: $3 to $25.

  • Optional tip: Up to 25% of the amount borrowed.


Withdrawn from your bank account on the date Dave determines to be your next payday or the first Friday after you receive the advance.

Time to fund without express fee

Up to 3 business days.

Time to fund with express fee

Up to an hour.

  • Regulators like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau don’t classify tips as interest, but some consumer advocates argue they should because asking a user to decide how much to tip doesn’t give them a fair chance to compare the cost with other borrowing options. NerdWallet recommends not volunteering a tip for a cash advance.

Should you use the Dave app’s ExtraCash feature?

When used occasionally, Dave can be useful if you:

  • Receive consistent income — even if you don’t get paid on a regular schedule.

  • Have a small emergency expense.

  • Can use your next paycheck to cover the money owed to the app as well as your other expenses.

  • Have a checking account that receives deposits.

Dave might not be a good solution if you:

  • Regularly spend more than you earn.

  • Want same-day cash that comes with low fees.


Nerdy Tip

Though cash advances from an app are generally cheaper than payday loans, they may encourage users to rely on borrowed money to bridge income gaps, which can lead to a cycle of borrowing. In 2021, the Financial Health Network released a study that included multiple years of usage data and found that app users frequently take advances consecutively — behavior that is consistent with payday loan borrowing.

Is the Dave app legit?

Dave is a real company based in Los Angeles. It has offered cash advances since its founding in 2017. The app has 4.3 stars across more than 500,000 reviews on Google Play and 4.8 stars across more than 650,000 reviews on the Apple App Store.

Recent customer complaints to the Better Business Bureau focus on unauthorized debits, eligibility issues and unexpected fees. Recent complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau focus on account management.

How to qualify for Dave’s ExtraCash advance

The company says it tries to make advances accessible to anyone, including those living paycheck to paycheck. Dave doesn’t require regular paychecks via direct deposit to qualify.

Like other cash advance apps, the Dave app reviews users’ checking accounts for spending habits and income history to determine whether they qualify for an advance and how much. The app also reviews returning customers’ repayment history to decide how much they can borrow.

To get an ExtraCash advance from Dave, you need:

  • At least three recurring bank account deposits.

  • Monthly deposits amounting to at least $1,000.

  • A minimum history of 60 days with your bank account.

  • To pass an identity verification and fraud detection.

  • A Social Security number.

  • To be at least 18.

  • To live in the United States.

How Dave’s cash advances work

Here are the steps to get an ExtraCash advance:

  1. Create a profile in the Dave app.

  2. Link an external checking account.

  3. Open a Dave checking account and an ExtraCash account, where the advance comes from.

  4. Request an advance and see what you’re approved for.

  5. The ExtraCash account balance starts at $0. When you take an advance, the approved amount transfers from your ExtraCash account, making the balance negative, to your checking account. The account balance remains negative until you repay the advance.

  6. Optionally, add a tip or fast funding fee. The fee amount depends on the size of your advance.

  7. On your repayment date, Dave brings the balance to $0 by withdrawing money from the checking account where your paychecks are deposited.

Can I change my Dave ExtraCash due date?

Yes. Users can request an extension of up to 30 days, according to Dave. Extensions are approved on a case-by-case basis, but the company says users must request an extension at least two days before their due date.

Will Dave’s ExtraCash cause an overdraft fee?

The Dave app does not take more money than is in a user’s account, the company says, but its terms and conditions say that the app isn’t responsible if it causes you to overdraft your primary checking account. Instead, if your balance is lower than the amount owed on your due date the company will withdraw whatever amount is available. The app will do this up to twice a day until you’ve repaid the advance.

For example, if you owe $100 but only have $20 in your account on your due date, Dave will withdraw $20 and continue to debit available money from the account until the $100 is paid.

How do I contact Dave’s customer service?

You can contact Dave’s customer service by phone, email, a contact form on the website or the app’s chat feature. The company also replies to users who reach out on X, formerly Twitter.

Other Dave app features

Checking account

The Dave Spending account is a standard checking account with no minimum balance requirements and no ATM, late or overdraft fees. The account earns interest and has other features such as a cash-back debit card and budgeting help. No-fee checking accounts are somewhat common.

The account may be useful for those who want to get an advance because it’s up to a few dollars cheaper to get funds instantly deposited into a Dave Spending account than an external account.

Goals account

Dave offers an interest-bearing savings account, called a Goals account, wherein users can transfer money from an external bank account or a Dave checking account to fund a goal, such as a vacation or future emergency.

Help making extra cash

The app’s Side Hustle feature helps users find side jobs to earn extra income. Dave users can find and apply for a job in the app.

Compare Dave to other cash advance apps

Dave’s advance amounts are high compared to some other apps that cap advances at $200 or $250. Funding time is average, as is the funding time if you pay a fee. Dave stands out mostly for a very high fast funding fee — up to $15 or $25, depending on how much you borrow and where it’s deposited.

The process for getting a Dave advance is also rather involved. You must have an ExtraCash account, which goes negative with each advance, rather than Dave sending you the money directly. You also have to open a Dave checking account, whether you plan to use it or not, which is a larger commitment than other apps require.

Dave vs. other cash advance apps

Loan app

Loan amount

Speed without paying a fee

Fast-funding fee

Other fees

NerdWallet rating


1 to 3 days.

$0.99 to $3.99.

$9.99 or $14.99 monthly subscription fee.

Up to $100 per day, $750 per pay period.

1 to 3 days.

$1.99 to $4.99.



1 day.


$8 monthly subscription fee unless you opt out.

Up to $500.

Up to 3 days.

$3 to $25.

$1 monthly membership fee.

Up to $500.

1 to 5 days.




Approval takes up to 3 days.

Funding takes minutes.




3 business days.



NerdWallet rating




$1.60-$40 flat fee.






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