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What Would You Ask an Advisor?

June 10, 2013
Personal Finance
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Everyday, people struggle to make financial decisions that will impact their lives. For instance, imagine you received a 401k statement from a job you left two years ago. You know you should do something, but what? Should you leave the account as is? Should you consolidate with your current 401k? Or should you roll over into an IRA?

There’s advice all over the internet, but it can be difficult to determine who is qualified and certified to offer financial guidance. That’s why we at NerdWallet launched Ask an Advisor, your best source for professional financial advice.

Not sure if you need financial advice, or if professional financial advisory is right for you? Take our quiz to see if you really need a financial advisor.

Get advice from a qualified professional

The Ask an Advisor platform is a free online tool that enables people to easily find answers to common personal finance questions and confidently connect with advisors when they need personalized guidance. Some personal finance questions have simple answers – but for the more complicated situations, the Ask an Advisor platform enables people to connect directly with professionals for guidance. The platform includes videos, enabling you to see what working with a specific advisor might be like.

If you’re thinking about hiring an advisor, it can be hard to figure out how to pick an advisor you would work well with. We can streamline your search for an appropriate advisor, by allowing you to:

• Easily verify the credentials and areas of focus of potential advisors in one place.
• “Meet” and evaluate advisors through videos of each discussing key topics.
• Quickly request free consultations from advisors on your short-list.

Hire the right advisor for you

At NerdWallet, we want to help you make the best financial decisions. Our VP of Personal Financial Management, Shiyan Koh, sees consumers as having access to a multitude of information covering the financial advisory landscape, but says that existing solutions fail to provide the right info in a single location in an easily digestible format. “We want to help people get the basic financial information they need, and ultimately get over the hump of selecting an advisor they trust,” she added. “The NerdWallet Ask an Advisor platform supplements the advisor search process with a Q&A section where advisors can demonstrate their expertise on client-specific needs as well as videos that enable consumers to ‘meet’ advisors from the comfort of their homes.”

Check out our Ask an Advisor platform today.