Financial Health: Get Your Score

Your financial health is more than a credit score. Answer 8 simple questions about how you spend and save — then see how to improve your financial future.


What does financial health mean?

You’re financially healthy if you can cover all of your needs, some of your wants and save for the future.

Financial health is hard to capture in a single number. A great credit score means that you can borrow money cheaply, but it doesn’t guarantee that your debt will be manageable. The Financial Health Score quiz looks deeper, takes about a minute to complete and helps identify which part of your finances could improve.

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The Financial Health Score comprises eight questions about cash flow, savings, debt, credit and insurance. Answers to each question are weighted, and the results are scored on a 0 to 100 point scale.

The three most important areas are:

  • Spending less than you earn, so you have money left over to save for the future
  • An emergency fund to help you cover unexpected expenses
  • A start toward retirement savings so you can begin building security

While those three areas are key to building financial strength, the quiz measures other important factors. Whether you’re nailing the basics or are looking to leap to the next level, we’ll help you figure out how to get more financially fit.

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