Wix Review for 2022

Wix is a website builder that enables you to design, customize and launch a website.
Randa Kriss
By Randa Kriss 
Edited by Robert Beaupre

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Wix is a popular e-commerce platform that allows you to create an effective business website, regardless of your technical knowledge or skill level. It's known for its ease of use, breadth of features and functionality for professionals and businesses alike. But is it right for your business?

This Wix review breaks down the different ways you can create a business website with Wix, along with available features and pricing plans.


At its core, Wix is a website builder that enables you to design, customize and launch a website — whether to promote your business online, manage events and sell tickets or even start an e-commerce store. With Wix, you’ll receive secure web hosting, a domain name for your site and the ability to manage everything in one place. You can use Wix for free, as well as opt for one of its premium website or business plans, which will further expand your capabilities. You’ll also be able to choose from three different web builder options depending on your needs and development knowledge.

  • Wix Web Editor: Choose from over 500 templates and use Wix’s drag-and-drop editor to easily customize your website — no technical or coding knowledge needed.

  • Wix ADI: Wix ADI is an artificial design intelligence that will design a completely unique website for you after you’ve answered a few simple questions. With Wix ADI, you’ll receive a tailor-made website that you can completely customize using advanced editing options.

  • Corvid by Wix: If you have the technical knowledge and want to code and customize your website using Wix as your basis, you can work with Corvid by Wix, an open development platform that allows you to use its APIs to create, modify and launch your web project on the Wix cloud.

Pros and cons

Before diving into the details of this platform, let’s look at where Wix stands out — and where it falls short.


  • Ease of use: With three different ways to build a website, Wix offers something for everyone — even those with no technical or coding knowledge. The Web Editor and ADI specifically cater to these kinds of users, providing them with accessible tools that make the web-building process simple but still offer a variety of options so that you can customize your site’s design and functionality.

  • Feature set: Wix offers an unparalleled amount of features and options for business owners to choose from. You can decide what kind of builder you want to use to create your site and pick from 500 different design templates — taking into consideration your business type and the purpose you want your website to serve. Plus, Wix gives you access to numerous add-ons through the Wix App Market, allowing you to increase your functionality even more.

  • Price: Although you’ll need a business premium plan if you want to actually sell online, for most other business purposes, you’ll be able to create and operate your site completely free, or at the very least, at a low annual cost. Plus, with so many plans to choose from, you can find the one that best fits your budget and needs.


  • Overwhelming options: The sheer amount of options to choose from can be overwhelming as a small-business owner, especially if you don’t know exactly what you want — or if you know exactly what you want and then have trouble finding it. Additionally, if you don’t have much experience with website building, you might find it burdensome to have to make so many decisions throughout the process and would prefer to have fewer, more defined offerings to choose from.

  • E-commerce price: To sell online, you’ll need to upgrade to one of Wix’s Business and Ecommerce plans, which start at $23 per month and stretch all the way to $500 per month. If you’re interested particularly in creating an e-commerce store, you can likely find a more specialized platform provider that can give you more of the tools you need for an online business at a comparable or even lower cost.

  • Customer support: One of the most frequent topics of negative Wix reviews is the lack of customer support. Although Wix has a customer support line you can call, customers complain that it’s difficult to get through and that even when they do, the service is unhelpful. Additionally, in 2019 there was an uptick in negative reviews by users who had been billed erroneously or had their accounts canceled without notice.


Wix offers a total of eight premium plans, four for general websites and four for e-commerce businesses. Each of these eight plans is priced out as a monthly subscription-based fee and includes additional website functionalities as you progress with the higher-level plans.

Here’s a breakdown of Wix’s plans by price and features.

Website pricing






$13 per month

$17 per month

$22 per month

$39 per month

Best For

Personal use

Entrepreneurs and freelancers

Complete online branding

First priority support












-Free domain for first year

-60 video minutes

-2 video hours

-Priority response

-Remove Wix ads

-$300 ad vouchers

-Events calendar

-VIP support

-30 video minutes

-Site booster app

-Professional logo

-Visitor analytics app

-Social media logo files

E-commerce pricing

Business Basic

Business Unlimited

Business VIP



$23 per month

$27 per month

$49 per month

$500 per month

Best For

Small businesses that need to accept online payments with few frills

Growing businesses looking for greater functionality

Businesses needing priority support

Enterprise-level businesses looking for end-to-end business solution












-Free domain for first year

-10 video hours

-Unlimited video hours

-Support of Wix pros to build and scale your website

-Remove Wix ads

-Professional logo

-Priority response

-Advanced maintenance and infrastructure audit

-5 video hours

-Social media logo files

-VIP support

-Dedicated account manager

-Google Analytics

-Advanced web protection features

-$300 ad vouchers

-Access to industry experts

-Site booster app

-Visitor analytics app

Furthermore, all of the premium business plans offer online payments commission-free, meaning you’ll only have to pay processing fees from the payment gateway (PayPal, Stripe, etc.) you choose to work with.


Regardless of which plan or method you choose to create your business website, Wix provides an expansive feature set — over 1,000 innovative features, according to its website. With that in mind, let’s explore some of the core functions Wix offers:


If you use Wix for free, you’ll receive a Wix subdomain, although you have the ability to create a custom one or use one you already own with Wix’s premium plan offerings (which will be detailed later). All Wix websites are SSL Certified and hosted securely by Wix — therefore you always have online access to your website as well as access using the Wix mobile app.

Additionally, Wix includes web analytics tracking, contact management, a Wix chat tool, social media and email marketing connections, and member login functionality. Furthermore, Wix gives you access to hundreds of free and paid add-ons available in the Wix App Market — including analytics, business management, design, marketing and social tools. For support with your business’s website, Wix offers a Help Center on its site where you can browse documentation and FAQs, watch tutorials or open a support ticket.

Source: Wix

Business-specific features

To help you create a website that meets your business needs, Wix provides a variety of specific features specifically for businesses.

  • Wix Stores: With Wix Stores, you have the ability to create your own online store where you can display and sell digital or physical goods. Wix Stores allows you to accept payments from customers, track your orders and inventory, offer coupons and discounts and set customized tax and shipping rules.

  • Wix Bookings: Allows service-based businesses to list their availability for clients to book online, accept payments, sync bookings with Google Calendar and send clients automatic email reminders. You can use Wix Bookings online as well as through the Wix mobile app.

  • Wix Blog: Create and edit blog posts on your website, manage comments and share on social. You can also add multiple writers with varying permissions.

  • Wix Music: If you produce or sell your own music, Wix Music provides a customizable music player to showcase your albums, tracks and playlists. Customers can listen and purchase directly from your site, and advanced stats track which songs get the most plays, downloads and purchases.

  • Wix Photography: Display your images, videos and text in over 30 different galleries; set the quality and sharpness of your photos sitewide; and protect images with a built-in watermark and password.

  • Wix Video: Upload videos from anywhere — including your computer, YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook — and create a video showcase. You also can use Wix Video to sell, rent or offer monthly subscriptions to your video channel.

  • Wix Events: If your business hosts events, use Wix Events to manage listings, invitations and RSVPs on your website. You can also sell tickets through your Wix site, setting a price and connecting payment methods for customers to complete their purchases.

  • Wix Restaurants: If you run a restaurant, you can offer online ordering and reservations, add and customize your menu, accept delivery or pickup orders and more.

Premium features

With the premium plans for both website and e-commerce businesses, you’ll receive added functionality as the plan prices increase. Generally, however, all the website-category and e-commerce business-category premium plans each have a respective set of included features:

Website features

All four of Wix’s premium website plans give you the ability to connect a custom domain, increased storage and bandwidth, Google Analytics integration, premium customer support and a customized favicon — which is a unique icon for your browser tab. The premium website plans also allow you to remove Wix ads from your site.

Business features

For all of the premium business plans, Wix gives you the capability to accept online payments of your choice without commission. These plans also allow you to connect a custom domain, remove Wix ads, integrate with Google Analytics and utilize increased storage. Furthermore, all of the premium business plans offer unlimited bandwidth, as well as ad vouchers and additional included web tools.

Source: Wix.com


Before you decide to use Wix to build your website, you’ll want to consider other options that are available to see if there might be a service that better fulfills your business needs.


With Weebly, you have many of the same tools you get with Wix — you can choose from a variety of different themes and use a drag-and-drop builder to customize your site. You can use Weebly for free or upgrade to a paid plan to increase your capabilities. Weebly’s plans range in price from $0 to $26 per month and each includes e-commerce functionality, making it a much more economical solution compared to Wix.

Weebly offers additional e-commerce tools with its higher-level business plans and its e-commerce components are actually run by Square, making it a great choice if you already use this payment processor. Finally, Weebly offers many more options for customer support as even its free plan includes a community forum as well as chat and email support.


If you’re looking to create a business website more specifically for e-commerce capabilities, you’ll want to consider Shopify, one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, known for its usability, customization abilities and diverse integration options.

Wix and Shopify share many of the same general features — Shopify, however, offers much greater capabilities when it comes to e-commerce — with advanced tools for shopping carts, inventory, order and customer management, as well as marketing and analytics. Additionally, all Shopify plans give you the capability to accept online payments, although it should be noted that Shopify does not offer a free account. Basic Shopify, however, costs $29 per month and includes your e-commerce website, a blog, 24/7 customer support and more.

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