Progressive Homeowners Insurance Review 2024

Progressive home insurance is available primarily through third parties and may be worth buying if you already have Progressive car insurance.
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Best for Progressive auto customers looking to bundle their policies.


  • Auto discount available for Progressive car insurance customers.
  • Can choose which insurance company you purchase from — uncommon for an insurer selling affiliate policies.


  • Doesn't underwrite its own policies.
  • Must file a claim through the company that underwrites your policy.


Best for Progressive auto customers looking to bundle their policies.


  • Auto discount available for Progressive car insurance customers.
  • Can choose which insurance company you purchase from — uncommon for an insurer selling affiliate policies.


  • Doesn't underwrite its own policies.
  • Must file a claim through the company that underwrites your policy.

About Progressive home insurance

Progressive home insurance policies come primarily from third parties. If you have a Progressive car insurance policy, you may qualify for an auto discount by buying homeowners insurance from one of the company's partners.

Progressive acts like an agent or broker, shopping with multiple providers on your behalf. Although you’re limited to the insurers Progressive works with, having the company shop for you could help save you time.

If you have Progressive car insurance and a homeowners policy with ASI (an affiliate also known as Progressive Home), you could pay only one deductible if you have claims on both policies from the same incident. Say a storm knocks a tree over onto your house and car. Instead of paying both the auto and the homeowners deductibles, you’d pay just one.

What’s new with Progressive?

Progressive is one of many homeowners insurers looking to cut its exposure to risk in Florida’s troubled insurance market. The company recently sent non-renewal notices to about 100,000 households in Florida.

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We make every effort to rate each company we review. However, we’re sometimes unable to provide a NerdWallet star rating for insurers that work with multiple third parties to underwrite their policies. That’s because the quality of the policy you get may vary depending on the coverage options, financial strength and other factors of each separate underwriting company.

How Progressive home insurance works

Progressive matches consumers with a home insurer through the Progressive Advantage Agency, which shops around with multiple companies on your behalf. Which insurer you purchase your policy from depends on how you buy: online, over the phone or through an agent.

Options include insurance companies like Homesite, National General Insurance, Nationwide and American Strategic Insurance, a Progressive subsidiary now known as Progressive Home. Whichever company you choose, claims will go through that home insurer, not Progressive.

State availability

Progressive can match you with a homeowners insurance company in Washington, D.C., and every state except Alaska and Hawaii.

Availability may change at any time. Coverage may not be available to all homeowners in a given state.

Included coverage

You can customize your homeowners policy with numerous add-ons, but below are the types of coverage that generally come standard:

  • Dwelling. Pays to repair or rebuild the structure of your home.

  • Other structures. Covers damage to unattached structures such as sheds or fences.

  • Personal property. Pays to repair or replace personal belongings such as furniture or clothing.

  • Loss of use. Pays for hotel stays, restaurant meals or other expenses if you have to live elsewhere while your home undergoes covered repairs.

  • Personal liability. Covers legal expenses and damages if you're responsible for injuries to other people or their property.

  • Medical payments. Covers injuries to guests in your home, regardless of fault.

Did you know...

One of the biggest factors in how much you pay for homeowners insurance is the amount of coverage you buy. Get too little coverage, and you could find yourself underinsured after a major disaster. Get too much, and you’ll overpay. Here’s how to figure out how much homeowners insurance you need.

Optional coverage

Optional coverage may be available depending on your insurer and location, and could include:

  • Water backup coverage for water damage from a backed-up sump pump or sewer system.

  • Personal injury coverage to pay for legal fees and damages stemming from slander, libel, wrongful evictions, false arrests, detentions or imprisonment.

  • Extended replacement cost coverage to provide an increase in dwelling coverage. This coverage pays to repair or rebuild your house after a covered claim.

  • Extra valuables coverage to raise your limits for expensive items like jewelry or art.

  • Replacement coverage for personal property so that if your stuff is stolen or damaged, the insurer will pay out enough for you to buy brand-new versions.

What’s not covered

Progressive, like most other homeowners insurers, won’t cover damage due to:

  • Flooding.

  • Earthquakes.

  • Land- or mudslides.

  • Sinkholes.

  • Wear and tear.

🤓Nerdy Tip

Flooding is the most common disaster in the U.S., and you don’t need to live near the beach to be at risk. Discover why you might need flood insurance, even if your mortgage lender doesn’t require it.


You could save on your auto policy if you purchase a homeowners policy through Progressive and are already a car insurance customer. Depending on the insurer Progressive matches you with, you may qualify for other discounts, including those for:

  • Homes with alarm systems and safety devices.

  • Getting a quote at least 10 days before the policy start date.

  • Paying your premium in full.

  • Receiving policy documents electronically.

  • New or newly purchased homes.

Single deductible is available for car insurance customers who buy a homeowners policy through Progressive Home. If both your car and home are damaged in the same incident, one deductible payment covers both claims.

If you hire a contractor from Progressive’s contractor network after a claim, you may get a discounted price on covered repairs.

How to file a claim

To file a homeowners claim, you’ll need to contact the company that issued your homeowners policy. If you’re not sure who that is, you can call Progressive at 800-776-4737, and a representative will transfer you to the right place.

Digital experience

On Progressive’s website, you can get quotes from multiple insurers through the company's HomeQuote Explorer tool. The site also has a robust answers page dedicated to educational articles and FAQs.

Although Progressive has an app, you can't currently use it to manage homeowners policies.

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How to contact customer service

For support, you can chat with Flo, Progressive’s virtual assistant, or call 888-671-4405. You can also email the company through your online account.

The bottom line

Progressive home insurance is best suited for Progressive car insurance policyholders looking to bundle their coverage with a single company. It may also be a good option if you’re looking to shop around with multiple companies at once.

Progressive vs. competitors

Progressive vs. State Farm home insurance

The biggest difference between Progressive and State Farm home insurance is that State Farm sells its own policies while Progressive shops around with multiple third parties on your behalf. With both companies, you can buy a policy online, by phone or through an agent.

State Farm policies generally come with a nice perk: extended replacement coverage for your dwelling, which gives you a little extra coverage for the structure of your home in case it costs more than expected to rebuild. This feature may be available with your policy from Progressive, depending on your third-party insurer, but it may come at an additional cost.

To learn more, read our State Farm home insurance review.

Progressive vs. Geico home insurance

Although both Progressive and Geico sell home insurance through third parties, the primary difference between them is that Progressive may give you more than one company to choose from when you get a quote. Meanwhile, Geico matches you with a single third-party insurer.

Both Progressive and Geico are large, well-established companies that sell policies in most U.S. states. Each one offers a bundling discount if you buy car and homeowners insurance together.

Get more details in our Geico home insurance review.

Progressive vs. Allstate home insurance

The main difference between Progressive and Allstate home insurance is that Allstate writes its own homeowners policies while Progressive sells them through third parties. Progressive may offer you a choice of companies, while Allstate will give you a quote only for its own policies.

Both companies are among the biggest insurers in the U.S. and offer policies across most of the country. Allstate offers a long list of coverage options to choose from. Meanwhile, Progressive’s coverage options depend on the company you’re matched with.

Check out our Allstate home insurance review for more information.

Other home insurance companies to consider

Not ready to make a decision? You may be interested in these other homeowners insurance companies:

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Frequently asked questions

As with homeowners insurance, Progressive’s mobile home insurance is available through third parties. Depending on which insurer you end up with, you may be able to add trip collision coverage, which pays out if your mobile home is damaged while in transit. Learn more about manufactured and mobile home insurance.

Progressive sells renters and condo insurance through third parties. Progressive offers its own auto, boat, motorcycle and ATV insurance. To learn more, see NerdWallet’s Progressive auto insurance review.

It depends on how the damage happened. Say a pipe bursts and ruins your carpet and drywall; that would be covered because it was a sudden accident that took place within your house. But if the damage comes from a slow leak that you haven’t gotten around to fixing, that wouldn’t be covered. Nor would flooding from an external source, such as a river overflowing its banks. For that, you’ll need separate flood insurance.

Depending on which third-party insurer Progressive matches you up with, you may be able to add water backup coverage, which pays out if your sump pump fails or a sewer line clogs. Learn more about homeowners insurance and water damage.

Progressive Advantage Agency works with about a dozen different companies to provide various types of home insurance. These include Nationwide, Homesite and National General.

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