PNC CashBuilder(R) Visa Credit Card

PNC Cashbuilder

Card Details

Signing Promotion


Reward Rate

1.25% if you spend less than $2,000 /mo, or 1.50% if you spend less than $4,000 /mo, otherwise 1.75%

Annual Fee


APR, Variable

Min APR: 12.99%, Variable
Max APR: 21.99%, Variable
Penalty APR: Up to 28.99%, Variable
Cash Advance APR: 21.99%, Variable

Intro APR Promotions

Purchase: None
Transfer: 0% for 12 mos
Card Features
  • Earn 1.25% if you spend $2,000 or less in a billing cycle, 1.50% if you spend between $2,000 to $4,000 in a billing cycle, and 1.75% if you spend above $4,000 in a billing cycle
  • High rewards rate
  • No annual fee
  • 0% for 12 mos on transfers
  • Needs excellent credit

NerdWallet Review

Author: Tim Chen

Verdict - PNC CashBuilder Visa is a good cash back rewards card, but you can most likely do better with a card like the Capital One Venture Rewards,  Blue Cash Preferred or the Costco Credit Card.
This credit card earns you a base reward rate of 1.25%, which is better than your normal 1%. If you're a big spender, the card gets even better. Bonus levels kick in when you hit $2000 on your monthly statement (you get bumped to 1.5% on all purchases that month), and again when you hit $4000 on your monthly statement (you get bumped to 1.75% on all purchases).

You also get a bonus for having a checking account, regardless of your level of spending. You can get 1.5% with a "PNC Performance" checking account and 1.75% with a "PNC Performance Select" checking account.

The Performance checking account costs $15 a month, unless you  meet the minimum balance requirement of $1,500, or have other linked accounts at PNC worth more then $10,000 (including savings, money markets, and mortgages). The Performance Select checking account costs $25 a month, unless you meet the minimum balance requirement of $5,000, or have linked accounts totaling $25,000.
Monthly Spending PNC Checking Monthly Account Fee Reward
<$2000 None 1.25%
<$4000 None 1.50%
$4000+ None 1.75%
Doesn't Matter PNC Performance - $15, or a $1,5000 minimum balance 1.50%
Doesn't Matter PNC Performance Select - $25, or a $5,000 minimum balance 1.75%
Redemption: Must accumulate $50 worth of credits before you can redeem rewards.

Expiration: Never.

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