Families and Money

Making the smartest money decisions for your child now and into the future

Long before your baby is born, you’ll change the way you think about money. From preparing for pregnancy, parental leave, baby’s first year and all the way to college — being a parent requires a long-term shift in financial perspective. You have a lot on your plate. And we can help.

Preparing for Baby

15 Financial Must-Dos to Prepare for a New Baby

15 Financial Must-Do’s to Prepare for Baby

Check these money tasks off your list while you wait for your baby’s arrival

Medical Bills 101

What to expect from your prenatal, labor and delivery costs

Baby Checklist: A Shopping Guide

What are the must-haves for pregnancy, the hospital and your baby’s first year?

Maternity and Paternity Leave

Everything you need to know to take time off work

Baby’s First Year

Budgeting for New Parents

Budgeting for New Parents

Making sense of money management now that
your family has grown

Choosing Child Care: What New Parents Should Know

Choosing Child Care

Deciding who cares for your baby is a big decision. Here are your options

A New Parent’s Guide to Life Insurance

Everything you need to know about getting coverage for your new family

Avoid blowing your tax refund_social

Tax Perks for New Parents

Taxes: The one place where being a parent may save you some money

Your Growing Child

College Savings Strategies

College Savings Strategies

Get an early start — here are your options when it comes to saving for college


What a Savings Account Can Teach Your Child About Money

A simple tool to teach your kid money lessons for life

5 Legit Online Jobs for Full-Time Parents

NerdWallet’s Top Savings Accounts for Kids

Choose the right beginner account for your child

Estate Planning for New Parents

Estate Planning for New Parents

The basics of writing a will, designating life insurance beneficiaries and more

The Teen Years Through College

Safe Driving and Auto Insurance for Teens

Safe Driving and Auto Insurance for Teens

Car insurance for teen drivers is costly. Here’s how to save money and keep your child safe

Credit or Debit: Which is Best for Kids?

Use these accounts to teach your teen about credit and money before they’re on their own

NerdWallet’s Best Teen Checking Accounts and Prepaid Debit Cards

Best Teen Checking Accounts

We found the best checking accounts for your young adults

Best College Student Credit Cards

Using one of these credit cards can help your child build their credit now

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