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Buy Fresh Live Christmas Trees Online: NerdWallet’s Top 4 Sites

Dec. 2, 2011
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Ordering a fresh Christmas tree online may seem strange at first, but if you’re not into visiting tree farms, it’s not a bad option. You may not be able to handpick your tree of choice, but at least you won’t have to settle for plastic pinecones. We’ve picked our 4 favorite sites for online Christmas tree orders according to price and shipping cost.

Green Valley Christmas Trees
Christmas Tree Express
Christmas Trees Now
Omni Farms
Based in North Carolina Michigan Wisconsin
North Carolina
Price of a 6.5 ft. Fraser Fir $135 (includes shipping)
Ships to
Continental US
All US + Overseas Military
40 US States
Continental US
Shipping Cost for Continental US
(included in price)
Total Cost (before tax)


Best for the West Coast: Green Valley Christmas Trees

Green Valley Christmas Trees has an enticing free shipping offer on all orders delivered to the continental U.S. Really though, when they say “free shipping,” they mean the shipping is included in the price, which is adjusted accordingly. Unlike other tree delivery sites, they charge the same amount for shipping no matter how far the tree must travel. The farm is in North Carolina, but you’ll pay the same price whether you live right over in Charleston or 3,000 miles across the country in Seattle. If you reside in the eastern U.S., you can definitely find better online deals. But if you call San Francisco or Portland home, Green Valley might be your best option. Why not just order from a farm based out west? Because few offer online ordering and delivery, and those that do charge more Green Valley. Additionally, if you order before December 5, you’ll save 10% on your purchase, which makes it hard to beat.

Best for the South: Omni Farm

Based in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Omni Farm prides itself on customer satisfaction, offering a money-back guarantee on the quality and freshness of trees, wreaths and garlands. Geographically, it’s near Green Valley. But because of Omni Farm’s variable shipping, it’s the better choice for southerners. While Green Valley charges a flat $134.99 for a 6.5 ft. Fraser Fir, you’ll pay $85 plus shipping through Omni Farm. That works out to about $111 for North Carolinians and $125 for Floridians. Though their website leaves something to be desired, remember—they’re farmers, not web designers. Rest assured, Omni knows trees.

Best for the Midwest + Northeast: Christmas Trees Now

Christmas Trees Now is based in Wisconsin on the Windblown Tree Plantation and offers the best deal throughout the Midwest and New England states. For a 6.5 ft. Fraser Fir, you’ll pay $75 plus variable shipping. It can’t quite beat Omni in the southeast or Green Valley in the West, but Trees Now keeps prices around $120 for Midwesterners and New England residents. Again, not the most attractive website, but take a look at the testimonials. People across the country have left some lovely comments that attest the freshness and beauty of cuts from the Windblown Tree Plantation.

Best for Overseas Troops: Christmas Tree Express

Though generally more expensive than other sites, Christmas Tree Express offers a wonderful “Trees for the Troops” program. If you have a friend or family member in Afghanistan, chances are, they won’t come anywhere near a Christmas tree this winter. Christmas Tree Express allows you to spread the holiday cheer to troops halfway around the world. One of Express’s testimonials sites the deep appreciation and gratitude from military recipients: “We just got it in! What a beautiful tree… It made its journey fine to Afghanistan all the way from America… Everyone here is in joy to see something green!”

Here’s a chart of prices by location including calculated shipping costs:

City Green Valley Christmas Trees
Christmas Tree Express
Christmas Trees Now
Omni Farms
New York City, NY $135
Akron, OH $135
Charlotte, NC $135
Orlando, FL $135
Houston, TX $135
Nebraska City, NE $135
San Francisco, CA $135
Honolulu, HI N/A