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The Lowdown on Upright Vacuums: Bissell CleanView vs. PowerGlide

June 18, 2015
Product Comparisons
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Bissell’s CleanView Vacuum with OnePass Technology is the No. 1 seller in online giant Amazon’s upright vacuum cleaner department.

But how does this popular Bissell stack up against another model from the same brand? We did a head-to-head comparison to find out. Before you head to the virtual checkout line, take a look at our analysis of the Bissell CleanView and the Bissell PowerGlide.

The vacuums: at a glance

Both of these home cleaners are sleek upright devices. Additionally, each of these corded vacuums is bagless, eliminating the inconvenience (and cost) of purchasing vacuum bag replacements.

But these models are different too. One — the CleanView with OnePass Technology — is well suited for everyday vacuuming, promising to provide hassle-free cleaning that will pick up most surface dirt in the first pass along your carpet. The other — the PowerGlide Deluxe Pet with Lift-Off Technology — is better tailored to pet-owning residents.

Read on to find out more differences between these two models.

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Bissell CleanView Vacuum with OnePass Technology 9595 Bissell PowerGlide Deluxe Pet Vacuum with Lift-Off Technology 2763
Price $79.99 from Bissell $179.99 from Bissell
Type Upright Upright
Color Black and Napa Valley Purple Passion
Cord length 25 feet 27 feet
Weight 15 pounds 16 pounds
Cleaning width 13.5 inches 12 inches
Brush on/off switch No Yes
Power rating 12 amps 10 amps
Cleaning system Cyclonic Multi cyclonic
Dirt cup capacity 2.2 liters 1 liter
Surface type Carpet, upholstery, stairs, low pile carpet Carpet, upholstery, bare floors, stairs, low pile carpet
Specialty tools Crevice tool, combination dusting brush/upholstery tool, TurboBrush tool, extension wand Crevice tool, Pet TurboEraser tool

The vacuums: Up close and personal

You’ve seen the differences in price, power cord length and cleaning width, but how do all of those product specs translate into everyday use? Find out which features are a fit for you.

Bissell CleanView Vacuum with OnePass Technology 9595Bissell CleanView

NerdWallet takes you shopping: The first model we looked at is the popular Bissell CleanView Vacuum with One Pass Technology 9595, a $79.99 vacuum that promises to deliver “outstanding performance at a great price.”

Designed to collect dirt from carpet, upholstery, stairs and low pile carpet, this device weighs in at a lightweight 15 pounds, while also boasting an effective 13.5-inch cleaning path and 12 amps of power.

Additionally, this vacuum features an easy-empty dirt tank, a 25-foot power cord, multi-level filtration and a cyclonic system to ensure suction. The CleanView also comes with a crevice tool, combination dusting brush/upholstery tool, TurboBrush tool (particularly helpful on stairs) and extension wand.

Good fit for: The Bissell CleanView is the epitome of bang for your buck. Not only does it cost less than the PowerGlide, but it also boasts a lighter design, wider cleaning path width, more power, larger dirt cup capacity and additional specialty tools. Choose this vacuum for an affordable carpet-cleaning device.

Bissell PowerGlide Deluxe Pet Vacuum with Lift-off Technology 2763Bissell PowerGlide

NerdWallet takes you shopping: Also from Bissell is the PowerGlide Deluxe Pet Vacuum with Lift-off Technology 2763. This $179.99 model is $100 more expensive than the preceding vacuum.

This upright Bissell features multi-level filtration, a multi cyclonic cleaning system, a collapsible handle for ease of storage and Lift-Off Technology, which allows users to convert the full-size device into a portable vacuum.

But, as we mentioned earlier, this vacuum has fewer specialty tools, a bulkier design and less power than the CleanView. So what accounts for its more expensive price? For starters, this model has a longer power cord (27 feet compared to 25 feet), making it more convenient for cleaning across large rooms.

Another difference is the PowerGlide’s inclusion of a brush on/off switch, which advances the model’s capability of cleaning both bare floors and carpeting. Furthermore, befitting of its name, this deluxe pet vacuum comes with a Pet TurboEraser tool to suck up pet hair.

Good fit for: Buy this Bissell for a vacuum that can clean carpets and floors as well as remove pet hair. Convenience-minded users will appreciate the model’s ability to transform from a traditional vacuum to a more portable, stair-suitable device.

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