USAePay Gateway Review: Pricing, Features, Top Alternatives

This payment gateway provider integrates with other solutions (like PayPal) to allow merchants to process payments.
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USAePay is one of the oldest payment gateway providers in the industry, and offers numerous features and solutions. It requires customers to work through one of its resellers, however, and no pricing appears on its website.

For these reasons, a payment services provider with more transparent pricing and gateway functionality might be better suited to your business.

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Deciding factors

Software, hardware and payment processing costs

Varies depending on reseller.


E-commerce, retail, mobile and virtual terminal.

Contract length

Varies depending on reseller.



Customer support

24/7 live phone and email support.

How does USAePay gateway work?

USAePay is a payment gateway provider, providing merchants the ability to pass on the customer information that makes it possible to accept and authorize payments. Although the gateway serves as the middleman between the merchant and payment processor, USAePay does not actually process payments or offer the merchant account that's necessary to receive payments.

While some payment gateway providers (including Authorize.Net) allow you to purchase their software directly, USAePay does not. Instead, it partners with payment processors such as PayPal or Worldpay (in this case, referred to as resellers) who offer the USAePay gateway as part of their solutions.

By connecting your USAePay gateway to this processor you'd then be able to accept, process and receive payments from your customers. Additionally, you can use the USAePay gateway to accept ACH payments. However, you’ll also have to work with a third-party ACH processor to be able to do so.

It’s important to note that many merchant service providers (like Stripe or Square) offer payment gateway functionality as part of their solutions, meaning the service will take care of the entire payment process, from receiving customer information to depositing the payment into your business bank account.

However, it’s also worth keeping in mind that your business might not need all of the features merchant service providers include. For example, if you just need to connect a payment gateway to your e-commerce software to accept credit cards through that platform, then a gateway option like USAePay might be a better fit.

USAePay offers a variety of different solutions including:

With the USAePay payment gateway for e-commerce, you can accept major credit cards and debit cards through your website. The USAePay gateway integrates with over 70 online shopping cart platforms including top providers like Volusion, Woocommerce, Magento, PrestaShop and BigCommerce.

In addition to the basic payment gateway functionality, the USAePay gateway for e-commerce also includes:

  • Fraud tools: USAePay allows you to view and change the settings of each transaction source key to adjust security preferences and prevent fraud.

  • Recurring billing: You can use USAePay to set up recurring payments for your customers.

  • Developer tools: USAePay offers developer tools and API to allow you to truly customize your payment solution.

  • Free tokenization: The USAePay gateway includes a PCI-compliant tokenization process to protect customer data.

  • PCI compliance: USAePay is a Level 1 PCI-compliant provider.

  • Customer support: Even though you need to access the USAePay gateway through a third-party processor, USAePay provides 24/7 phone support for customers.

If you’re a brick-and-mortar store owner, USAePay gives you the option to connect its payment gateway to your POS software. By integrating with your POS system, you can use the USAePay gateway to accept in-person credit and debit card payments.

USAePay is compatible with over 20 POS providers, including Lavu POS, Talech and OrderDog. Additionally, USAePay is EMV-certified, meaning you can use EMV hardware to accept in-person chip and contactless payments. This solution also provides access to:

  • Inventory and customer management tools: USAePay provides inventory, sales and customer information capabilities for retail merchants within its dashboard.

  • Recurring billing: Just like its e-commerce solution, you can also set up recurring billing for customers with the retail option.

  • Card account updater: USAePay allows you to automatically update credit card information on selected platforms.

  • PCI compliance: The retail solution is also Level 1 PCI compliant.

  • Customer support: You can email or call the customer support line to reach USAePay representative.

To accept credit card payments on the go, you can use USAePay’s mobile solution. With this service, USAePay allows you to take payments by using its mobile app and connecting it to your merchant account and compatible readers.

The USAePay gateway mobile app is available for both tablets and smartphones on iOS and Android. You can connect the app to EMV card readers, Bluetooth contactless card readers and printer add-ons. The USAePay app also offers inventory and customer management tools, as well as the same PCI compliance, fraud protection and customer support features the retail and e-commerce solutions provide.

In addition, USAePay offers a middleware library for developers with tools to implement payment gateway software integration with EMV terminals to enable them to work with USAePay’s mobile and web-based applications.

USAePay offers its payment gateway in the form of a virtual terminal (which it calls its merchant console), which allows you to use your laptop or desktop to accept payments. With this merchant console, you can key-in customer payment information for card-present transactions; connect to a wireless card reader for EMV, swipe and contactless payments — and even take card-not-present payment via mail order or phone.

The USAePay merchant console gives you the ability to create and add custom payment forms to your website to accept payments. It also provides invoicing capabilities — allowing you to customize invoices and accept payments for those invoices online. These additional tools are offered as well:

  • Batch management: Using the merchant console, you can manage your batches on a daily basis — every 24 hours — to receive your funds.

  • Recurring billing: Like all of the other USAePay solutions, you can set up recurring billing using the virtual terminal.

  • Product database: Add, track, edit and manage your products through USAePay's customizable database.

  • Fraud modules manager: The fraud modules manager gives you the ability to view and edit your fraud settings and credit card block list.

  • Reports: You can use the merchant console to view a number of reports related to the transactions you’ve processed through your account.

  • User manager: Add users to your merchant console and use the manager tool to designate their permissions.

  • Customer management tools: With the merchant console’s customer management tools, you can add, edit and store customer data. You can use this database to set up recurring payments as well as generate customer-based reports.

  • API keys: With the API Keys Settings page of the merchant console, you can see all of the sources (POS, shopping cart, payment forms) that are connected to your platform, as well as their status, pin and transaction result.

Finally, the USAePay merchant console provides the same level of PCI compliance and customer support assistance as all of the other USAePay gateway solutions.

USAePay merchant console dashboard. Photo credit: USAePay.

What does USAePay cost?

If you opt for the USAePay gateway, you’ll have to work through one of its resellers to determine specific pricing. As a payment gateway sold by third-party processors, it does not provide any pricing information on its website. Essentially, your price will depend on the reseller and how it prices its services.

According to the USAePay website, some of its registered resellers include: eMerchant, Axia Payments, PaySimple, iPayment, Talech, Gravity Payments and UMS Banking.


Payment gateway options

As a payment gateway provider, USAePay doesn’t simply allow you to accept payments online; it offers a variety of different ways to get paid. You can use the gateway by integrating with your online shopping cart, creating payment pages for your website, using its virtual terminal, integrating with POS software and connecting a card reader to your mobile device.

With each of the different solution types, USAePay offers more than just its payment gateway software, offering a number of additional tools, and most importantly, PCI compliance, fraud protection and robust customer support.


With API tools available for the majority of its solutions, USAePay further extends your capabilities, providing you with the opportunity to create a unique and customized payment solution.


Pricing isn't transparent

Unfortunately, as a payment solution sold by third-party resellers, there's no standard for USAePay pricing. This doesn't mean a reseller won’t offer the USAePay gateway at a fair price, but it certainly makes it difficult to know what to expect, and to compare the overall cost with other options.

Additionally, since other payment gateway and merchant service providers currently offer transparent, accessible pricing, it’s difficult to recommend an option that comes with so many cost-related unknowns.

Older technology

As one of the oldest payment gateway providers, USAePay has not been able to keep up with some of its more technologically sophisticated competitors.

As you can see by looking through the company's website and support pages, the USAePay interface is not as intuitive, clear and appealing as competitors like Square and Stripe. Additionally, the platform is limited in terms of the POS software, EMV devices and additional tools that it can integrate with.


Stripe: Customizable all-in-one solution


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on Stripe's website

If your business doesn’t require a dedicated merchant account, Stripe may prove a good fit. It provides much the same capabilities as the USAePay gateway, but is more up-to-date, includes credit card processing and offers transparent pricing.

Stripe allows you to accept the majority of payment types, including credit cards, debit cards and mobile wallets, and can process over 100 different foreign currencies. Like USAePay, Stripe gives you the option to accept payments in the way that works best for your business, including using an embeddable checkout, in-person card readers, invoicing software and connecting to hundreds of platforms and tools. And with its customization and development technology, Stripe allows you to create any type of solution using API tools.

Braintree: Dedicated merchant account

If your business needs a dedicated merchant account, you might want to explore Braintree. The PayPal company includes both a merchant account and the payment gateway you need to accept payments online.

Braintree lets you accept major credit and debit cards, Venmo, digital wallets, ACH payments and of course, PayPal. Additionally, it gives you the ability to accept payments in a variety of ways, integrating with your app or website as well as connecting to e-commerce platforms, accounting and invoicing software and more. Its payment gateway also includes fraud tools, data encryption, reporting, recurring billing capabilities, as well as phone and email support.

It’s important to note that Braintree does not directly offer in-person payment processing, but you can connect your account to PayPal to be able to accept in-person payments.

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