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BOB Motion vs. BOB Revolution SE: Breaking Down the Best BOB Strollers

Aug. 11, 2015
Product Comparisons
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Raising a baby takes time, effort and a whole lot of dedication. The last thing you need to add to your busy schedule is researching which BOB stroller you should buy. So let us do your stroller shopping homework for you.

Before you break out your wallet, find out whether the BOB Revolution SE or the BOB Motion is best for you.

The strollers: At a glance

The BOB Motion is a lightweight, standard stroller. This stylish model costs $349.99 and boasts a variety of sleek, safety-first features designed for everyday use.

The BOB Revolution SE, on the other hand, is a $459.99 jogging stroller intended for active use in all-terrain environments.

But there’s more to consider than just a stroller’s name and price tag. We analyzed everything from harness type to color scheme to help you pick the right match for you and your little one.

No matter which stroller you declare the winner, take a look at our Stroller Buying Guide for tips on which features you should be paying attention to.

BOB Motion BOB Revolution SE
Price $349.99 regular retail price $459.99 regular retail price
Type Everyday stroller Jogger
Color Orange, black, navy Orange, black, navy
Weight 23 pounds 25 pounds
Wheels Four Three
Canopy Yes Yes
Five-point padded harness Yes Yes
Fold One-hand, quick-fold Two-step fold

The strollers: Up close and personal

BOB Motion

BOB Motion vs. BOB Revolution SE: Breaking Down the Best BOB StrollersNerdWallet takes you shopping: The BOB Motion is a traditional stroller that costs $349.99, although you may be able to find it for less.

The lightweight 23-pound Motion features a four-wheel design, swiveling front wheels, a one-hand fold, a large cargo basket and a reclining seat. It’s sold in orange, black or navy.

This stroller has plenty of safety features, too, including: a padded handlebar, adjustable five-point harness, parking brake and multi-position canopy with ventilation window.

This stroller also has the capability to transform into a complete travel system (stroller and compatible car seat all in one). With the Motion’s included Click & Go adapters, you can connect a matching BOB B-Safe infant car seat or any Britax infant car seat. A Britax infant car seat adapter frame (sold separately) can make the Motion compatible with other major car seat brands.

Good fit for: For a sturdy stroller from a trusted brand, opt for the BOB Motion. It costs less than the Revolution SE, but still maintains many of the coveted features and design stylings that set BOB strollers apart.

BOB Revolution SE

BOB Motion vs. BOB Revolution SE: Breaking Down the Best BOB StrollersNerdWallet takes you shopping: The BOB Revolution SE is a jogger stroller regularly listed at $459.99. But, like the Motion, it can be found for less at several major retailers, including Target and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Similar to the Motion, the Revolution SE includes a multi-position canopy, adjustable reclining seat, padded handlebar, cargo basket and swiveling front wheel. It comes in orange, black and navy.

The Revolution SE comes with an accessory adapter, making it possible to attach a BOB infant car seat adapter or snack tray.

So what’s different between the two BOB models? The Revolution has a three-wheel design (compared with the Motion’s four wheels), a two-step fold (compared with the Motion’s one-step) and weighs 25 pounds (compared with the Motion’s 23 pounds).

Good fit for: For parents who want their little ones to be as active as they are, the BOB Revolution SE is an ideal choice. While the model costs roughly $100 more than the Motion, it’s specifically designed to keep your baby secure while you walk, jog and go on all sorts of other adventures.

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