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When you're building a credit score from scratch, getting a secured card is a good starting point. Compare the offers below, including some from our partners, to find the best match.

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Wells Fargo Secured Visa Card

Wells Fargo Secured Visa Card

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$-25Annual Rewards
Apply Nowon Wells Fargo’s secure website.
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NerdWallet: Hi Linda, If this is your first credit card, you might need to either have someone with an established credit history co-sign your card, or use a secured card to build up your history. If getting a co-signer is possible, that might be the only way to avoid having to put up a security deposit.

NerdWallet: If you're still a student, I recommend trying to get a student credit card. Either way, is it possible to have a parent co-sign the credit card with you? That way, you can piggyback off their established credit history while building up your own.

NerdWallet: Secured cards do help your credit, though you're right that they're meant to be a stepping stone to regular, unsecured cards. Thanks for the advice, Ruth!

ksdoug: In the event you have bank accounts see what card your bank offer. Unless it has outrageous conditions that could be good place to start. Because they wan'y your deposits to remain with them most banks seem to offer Master Charge or Visa cards with no annual fee & competitive interest rate &TOS, but do your homework first for making that assumption

ksdoug: LOL There is prison for debt, but there is prison for the fraud you suggest. Clearly there is no fraud for those at the top of the financial sector that committed the fraud that lead to the current wreck of the economy, the rest of us are small enough for prison. Good thing they can'y fore us into servitude or can they?

ksdoug: There are secure credit cards where the issuer does report your card use activity to the credit bureaus, and they are recommend for use to help build up a positive credit record. Some offer credit limits greater than the security deposit, so one has to use them wisel by not using the estended credit & if they so pay it by the due date. Read the terms carefully as some may charge interest on your purchase from the moment they are made. Some will pay you interest on your deposit security despot, others charge you interest for borrowing your own money, if you miss the due date or if they charge interest from the time of purchase. Banks issue these cards always keep that in mind..

Ruth Adorno - GFS: Secured credit cards should be used for building credit only. There is no other reason for a person to get a secured credit card. If you are using a secured credit card to build credit, ensure that you switch it to an unsecured credit card as soon as possible. I recommended using your secured card one time per month, then once the bill arrives, pay it off in full. Do this for 8 months straight and the bank will definitely switch your secured card, to be an unsecured card. Now you are on path to building credit. Secured cards will not influence lenders or impact your credit score in a positive manner, as much as an unsecured card would. Therefore get an unsecured card as soon as possible.

erik: I suggest everyone max them all out. Money out of thin air didn't exist so there's nothing to pay back. Besides too big to fail too big to jail.

Annyise: I am 21 with a credit score of 539 and i never had a credit card so i need help for deciding the best credit card for me

Linda: I never had a credit card before so can u help me deside what kind of card that is good for me. I want a credit card that i don't have to put up any deposit frist and can pay later. My credit score is good. So tell me what kind I can get now.