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POS System: Find the Best One for Your Business

April 9, 2018
Small Business
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So you’ve started a small business, and now you’re ready to get paid. But choosing a point-of-sale system isn’t as straightforward as it sounds.

Many POS systems are on the market, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

Here are eight of the most popular POS options, listed by the type of business they best fit.

Businesses that want versatility: Square

  • Features: Free mobile card reader at sign-up; Square Stand, which becomes a cash register when you connect it with an iPad; for large businesses, a POS system with fully integrated software and hardware
Get started at Square

Square is one of the most versatile payment systems on the market. It works with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and integrates with QuickBooks, Xero and other apps. And with the Square Stand, you can connect additional hardware, including a cash drawer, receipt printer and barcode scanner — though it only works with iPads.

The free Square app allows you to build a customized register by entering prices and photos for items and organizing them by category. The app also lets you accept payments offline; accept cash, checks and gift cards; send receipts; and track inventory.

A separate and free Square Dashboard app lets you see sales reports, manage employee time sheets and send invoices.

Square Register is a fully integrated POS system that comes with software and dual-screen hardware. This allows customers to see products as they are rung up and eliminates the need for merchants to purchase a tablet or phone.

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Businesses with an online store: Shopify

  • Features: Comes with a customizable online store and blog, plus analytics dashboard; integrates with other apps such as MailChimp and Xero, as well as social media platforms for selling products
Get started at Shopify

Shopify is a good option for online businesses. It lets you easily build and customize your online store with templates, accept orders and payments online, and integrate your shipping carrier. You can also integrate with and sell products on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Pinterest.

To accept in-person payments, Shopify offers two card readers: a tap, chip and swipe reader that accepts contactless payments and a chip and swipe reader.

Businesses with brick-and-mortar stores: ShopKeep

  • Features: Provides inventory tracking, sales analytics, employee management and customer marketing; integrates with MailChimp, QuickBooks and AppCard, a customer loyalty service
Get started at ShopKeep

ShopKeep is designed specifically for restaurants and retailers.

Its free app works with iPads, and you can purchase additional hardware including card readers, register stands, cash drawers and receipt printers to customize your setup.

The company’s payment processing service, ShopKeep Payments, will process credit card transactions at variable rates, depending on your type of operation, years in business and other factors. Or you can use a third-party processor.

Businesses that want a customized POS system: Clover

  • Features: Clover’s POS systems accept credit cards, EMV chip cards and contactless payments; the company offers a mix of hardware options, from portable to countertop
Get started at Clover

Most other systems work with an iPad or Android tablet; Clover’s hardware, however, is proprietary. The company offers portable POS system options called Clover Mobile and Clover Go.

Clover Station, which includes a receipt printer and cash drawer, carries a monthly service fee, says Mark Schulze, head of Clover App Market. Clover Station is best for brick-and-mortar stores.

You can lease or buy the Clover Mini, Clover Mobile, Clover Station or Clover Go from various vendors, including Bank of America and Sam’s Club.

Clover also helps you track sales, inventory and timesheets, gain a better understanding of your customers and their shopping habits, and helps you create your own branded gift cards.

Businesses with large operations or multiple locations: Revel

  • Features: Offers customizable hardware and software that provides inventory management and tracking, loyalty and gift-card programs, and restaurant table management
Get started at Revel

Revel is ideal for larger brick-and-mortar businesses that need a robust POS system. It requires an iPad but offers several hardware options and add-on applications. You can integrate features that are specific to your type of business. For example, restaurants can get ingredient inventory management and tableside ordering, and retailers can get inventory tracking and gift-card programs. Revel’s hardware is preconfigured, so you can take it out of the box, plug it in and get started.

To get Revel, you have to speak with a sales representative, who will help you decide on the appropriate combination of hardware and software features for your business. Pricing depends on the type of business you own, the number of terminals you need, the volume of transactions you have and the features you choose, among other factors, Revel spokesman Richard Tso says via email.

Revel also integrates with QuickBooks and PayPal.

Businesses with large invoice transactions: Intuit QuickBooks Payments

  • Features: Lets you invoice and accept payments, provides invoice tracking and reminders for payments, allows free bank transfers and comes with automatic bookkeeping
Get started at QuickBooks

Intuit QuickBooks Payments is a solid option for businesses that already use QuickBooks accounting software, because the two sync. Also, transactions are free when your customer pays you via bank transfer instead of credit cards.

Businesses that want to be completely mobile: Flint Mobile

  • Features: Lets you scan cards with your smartphone camera — no reader needed; personalizes receipts and invoices; lets you send and manage invoices on the go
Get started at Flint

Flint Mobile is unique because it uses your phone’s camera to scan customers’ cards, so no extra equipment is required. Flint also charges different rates for credit and debit transactions. 

The free Flint app works on iOS and Android devices. It lets you send invoices, collect online payments and track cash and check payments. Flint has an online portal that lets you view and analyze transaction data, download Excel files and sync with QuickBooks.

Businesses that accept a lot of PayPal payments: PayPal Here

  • Features: Accepts all payment types; provides inventory management; lets you add up to 1,000 users to one account; generates custom sales reports
Get started at PayPal

If you sell products online and accept PayPal but also want a way to allow in-person payments, PayPal Here is a good option. It’s a free mobile app that works with iOS, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets. The PayPal Here mobile card reader plugs into your device’s headphone jack. The chip card reader lets you process chip cards and contactless payments.

With the app, you can create and send invoices, record cash and check payments, and view sales reports. It integrates with your online PayPal account, so you can track online and in-person payments under one system.

Small-business POS systems: Summary of options

POS SystemFeaturesBest for
Get started at Square
  • Lets you accept payments on the go, or you can connect with an iPad and Square Stand to make a register
  • Businesses that want versatility
Get started at Shopify
  • Comes with a customizable online store and blog, and an analytics dashboard
  • Businesses with an online store
Get started at ShopKeep
  • Provides inventory tracking, sales analytics, employee management and customer marketing
  • Brick-and-mortar stores
clover_primary_gray_rgb-1 copy

Get started at Clover

  • Offers a mix of hardware options, from portable options called Clover Mobile and Clover Go, to a countertop system called Clover Station
  • Customized POS system

Get started at Revel

  • Offers fully customizable hardware and software, inventory management and tracking, and loyalty and gift card programs
  • Businesses with large operations or multiple locations

Get started at QuickBooks

  • Lets you invoice and accept payments, offers invoice tracking and reminders for payments, provides free bank transfers and automatic bookkeeping
  • Businesses with large transactions
flint_logo 2

Get started at Flint

  • Lets you scan credit cards with your smartphone camera — no reader needed; provides personalized receipts and invoices
  • Businesses that want to be completely mobile
paypal copy
Get started at PayPal
  • Integrates with your PayPal account; lets you create and send invoices, offers inventory management and custom sales reports
  • Businesses that accept PayPal payments

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Updated April 9, 2018.



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