NerdWallet's Home buying Center

Become a home buying pro.

41% of Americans who have applied for a mortgage felt they were not aware of all of their loan options. We'll help you navigate the entire home buying process.

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NerdWallet's new first-time home buying center is set to launch later in 2019. If you expect to be undergoing the home buying process later this year, sign up now and track your progress once the home buying center is live.

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First-time home buyer programs

Review common first-time home buyer programs which could be overlooked if you rush the process. These programs may score you some big savings.

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What to expect from the process

Buying a home can seem complicated and even scary. Don’t worry: if you’re properly prepared, you’ll nail it. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect.

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First-time buyer guide

From finding the right neighborhood to choosing a mortgage and closing the loan, we’ll walk you through the home buying experience. We’ve spoken to experts who’ve done the deals, made the mistakes and want to share what they know.

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